Lyrics to Give me Back my Love
by Maywood

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[edit]Song titleGive me Back my Love
[edit]Artist nameMaywood
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I waited all night long
Just to see your face
But your didn't show
Now I hate this place.
Never had the luck
To find a man so true

AII I had was faith
To meet a man like you.
Give me back my love

AII I want from you
Is to give me back my
love forever.
I let it slip away
There was nothing I could do

Give me back my love again.

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People learn to take.
AII I learned in life.
Somehow it's all fake.
As a child I saw
What was going on

Tears were there each day
But tears could make me strong.
Give me back my love

I was born to know you
as a friend
Those little things
that you told me

In the end.
Give me back my love
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Lyrics to Give me Back my Love
by Maywood

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