Lyrics to Anything u Want
by Mc Eiht

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[edit]Song titleAnything u Want
[edit]Artist nameMc Eiht
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Check it out
C'mon, c'mon, hey
C'mon, uh
I said c'mon, hey
(Half Ounce in the house)
We're smooth on the West Side
(Check it out)
Nigga hoes back in the house
(Check it out)

(Verse 1)
Who's got paper?
But I shoot boxes
Plenty of cash to straight
floss from the gate
You ain't seem grabs this green
Plenty of cream kingpins
unsolved the scheme
I got my eyes on you
Geah, you want to ??? down
from here to shoot
Got a crew
But you stand out
Miss thing wish I have
X-rated vision to peep the
You know what I mean
Keeps the shit real live
Benz 'round town in a 3-25
Cheques in your coat and
float to the arena
??? taps me on the shoulder,
Tony have you seen her?
Let my Gators through the snappin'
Crystal sippin', drops along,
geah baby what's happenin?
Hear me, see me
I could, uh, be your geenie,
any wish comes true
Be my boo

Anything you want, anything you need
Anything you want, anything you need
Mr. Tony will deliver til your ???
Diamonds to chronic bud, oh yes indeed
Anything you want, anything you need
Anything you want, anything you need
We's be's the pimps

(Verse 2)
Independently hustlin' while
you work in your stuff
Keep your condo pay so
you work at MC Gruff
9 TO 5 paper chasing, geah, I can dig it
With your 15 hundred dollar brims
and your fixed up ???
Find more similar lyrics on trips to the clinic
But it straight trips to the club
With your head hooked up,
short skirts straight
throwin' up love
Mr Tony know the game ain't
playin' nice and soft
G's around ya in a circle
talkin' about take that
shit off
Damn niggas, swingin' on a players boss
Peeps tha Coup, hits me up
with a fucked phone call
I be's the black desperado
Five carats with the golden ??
Gang of parrots, me and you
King and queen of the hill
Means the fat links, captain inch nail
Get down like you live and that's no joke
Gang of ???? to poke with the endo smoke


(Verse 3)
Times is hard
And I can see you're a lil' rebellious
Now your homegirl kicks the rumours
In a way too jealous
Just can't stand to see ya
With a nigga with grip
They swallowin' too much
dick tryin' to give you
some lip
Not trip
It's too much gossip on the phone
Need to tell 'em ho's to find
some dick on they own
What's wrong?
Same old song gettin' a boo
Drops your back on the block with
no more packs to loot
Snatch back the dollar to diamonds
Necklace sales
Versace ?? to Armani dressers
No more sippin' Crystal anymo'
Drop a C-5 hun' with the phone
Leave me alone
Cause that's the problems nowadays
These greedy-ass ho's workin' these ways
Tony's no phony, got G's on next
??? spend my cheques

(Late nite hype)
C'mon c'mon hey
C'mon c'mon hey
(Late nite hype)
(Check it out)
We's be's the pimps
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Lyrics to Anything u Want
by Mc Eiht

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