Lyrics to Cappucino
by Mc Lyte

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[edit]Song titleCappucino
[edit]Artist nameMc Lyte
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It was a caf? It was a caf on the west side
It was a caf? On
It was a caf? On the west side, midtown
It was a caf? On the west side, midtown

Said they had the best cap of Cappucino around
So I stepped in, and I ordered a cup
Someone grabbed me by my throat and said, "Shut the fuck up!"
And I did, pronto, quick fast
How much longer would the torture last?
In the wrong place, at the wrong time
It was a drug sale, I could feel from behind

Death, it was gettin' closer, right behind my back
Ready to attack
I got shot in a shoot out, and then I died
I could feel it, I was on the other side
In between lives, I'm so confused
What do I do, oh, what do I do?
But was it really time for me to go?

Why, oh why did I need Cappucino?
Why, oh why?
Why, oh why did I need Cappucino?
Why, oh why?
Why, oh why did I need Cappucino?

Why, oh why did I need Cappucino?
But then I calmed down, I spotted some friends
That I knew in a past life, way back when
A couple had died in a drug world
And this one guy died fightin' over his girl
Another died drivin' while intoxicated
Why do people make livin' so complicated?
But then I saw a girl, her name was Mary

Introduced to drugs by her boyfriend harry
He sold crack to the kids on the uptown corners
A social worker named Hannah Smith tried to warn her
But she wouldn't listen, no one listens
I saw the light, I awakened, it was a dream
Find more similar lyrics on oh man, you shoulda heard me scream
So glad to be given - my life back
So good to be livin' - or is dead better?

I didn't have to run from the bullets or drugs
And I didn't have to run from the murderers or thugs
I didn't have to worry about fallin' from a plane
But at this caf? Was death still callin' my name?
Or did this caf? Even exist?
And was my name just another on the death list?
I knew it couldn't happen, even though
On the bottom of my shirt was a spot of Cappucino
Cappucino, Cappucino

Bust it, to some of you that really don't know
I break it down to you, the word 'Cappucino'
It's somewhat like coffee, then again not quite
It's creamy and smooth, and it goes down light
They charge you 3 dollars, you ask is it worth it?
But when you start drinkin' shit, it'd be workin'
I'm hooked, well, I was, 'cause, yo, it's the best
But if every time I drink I voyage through death
I leave it alone and just stick to tea
Cappucino was fly, but too fly for me

Why, oh why did I need Cappucino?
Why, oh why did I need Cappucino?

Why, oh why? Why, oh why?
Why, oh why did I need Cappucino?
Cappucino, Cappucino
Cappucino, Cappucino

It was a caf? On the west side
It was a caf? On the west
It was a caf? On the west side
It was a caf? On the west
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Lyrics to Cappucino
by Mc Lyte

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