Lyrics to Beautiful
by Mc Magic

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[edit]Song titleBeautiful
[edit]Artist nameMc Magic
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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lady lady lady lady
can i tell you that i love
you with all my heart
and soul

Chorus: (x2)
Beautiful (so beautiful)
no matter what they
tell you im gonna stay
by your side,
forever you and me (ya ya)
cuz your so beautiful

Esta cansion is goin out to
la presiosa, la hermosa
you color my world,
you paint my life, (thats right)
esta chica that stays on my side
no matter what them haterz say,
i told you, every promise that im makin
im keepin it true,
i turn back the clock the hands of time,
and still remember that
very first time that i
i laid eyes on this girl so beautiful
my super women that im never forgetin
c'mon, cuz you and i belong together,
its like i finally found my
life long tresure,
and we could do whatever you like,
im sayin make love untill the sunrize,
my B-E-A-U-T-I-ful, im sayin
baby girl i wanna give you my world

Chorus: (x2)
no matter what they
tell you im gonna stay
by your side,
forever you and me
cuz your so beautiful

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the T to the letter, she
changed my ways and ill
never forget her,
on a cold stormy night is
when im comin to get her, so
we could runaway to that
special place, i
love the way you talk, ya
laugh, ya pretty face,
whatever you need
i gotta make you believe que
yo te quiero y te amo, soy
nada sin ti,
i told you girl that im
nothin without you,
my life didnt start untill
the day that i found you,
so we could do whatever you like,
top down, wind blowin on a
hot summer night

Chorus: (x2)
no matter what they
tell you im gonna stay
by your side,
forever you and me
cuz your so beautiful

(shoobi doobi du dop dop dudop
I told you my special baby,
i fell in love with you cuz
you are so beautiful)

Chorus: (x2)
no matter what they
tell you im gonna stay
by your side,
forever you and me
cuz your so beautiful
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Lyrics to Beautiful
by Mc Magic

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