Lyrics to Queen Of The Block
by M.c. Spice

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[edit]Song titleQueen Of The Block
[edit]Artist nameM.c. Spice
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent
And the baby need shoes
so mommy get her hustle on
Mommy hold the block down
she the queen of the block
she got the block on lockdown
She stay one step ahead of Jake
she the queen of the block and mommy get her hustle on
Mommy hold the block down
she the queen of the block
she got the block on lockdown

She ran a after hour spot where dogs get their loot on
the block where
baby gangsters learn to shoot on
One block up
the minister say they're sinister
destined for the depths of Hell for what they sell
She smile and a gold cap bling
Crime Line got her wanted for all types of things
All she want is rent, money and clothes
for the babies
but baby daddy runnin' with hoes
So mommy hold the block down
Henrock and Belvedere
club shut down
all the players over there
what's a swerve spot without chicken and dice?
Losers wanna cut and start stickin
that's the price
Nothin' but the color red run here
what they call 'em
Jake dead; come here
And she stay one step ahead of the Dee's
who tryin' to stop mommy doe? Now please!

Casually, mommy step in the club
swing at her, prepare to draw back a nub
Cuz the crew come thick like the bloodline run
search who?
bum rush the side door with guns
Anthem play on the speaker
Big Dose from the south coast got 'em catchin' a fever
And the floor be packed / mommy tucked in the corner
up in V-I-P
noddin' to B-I-G
baby, baby
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hold the block down, son
I'll get back
Holla back
Move cautiously through the line of hustlin' haters
jealous mommies love her thigh high gators
Wanna-be thugs want just one night
none of them can spit a line right
get your mind right
Mommy got her mind on her money and her money on her mind
tryin' to duck One Time

Repeat Chorus

It's crazy on the block

Same block where
mommy caught slashes from poppy
stuck her
left her 4 dead
fuck her
Same block where the big things pop
on the fourth
and up north
cats rep the block hop
Can I live?
all mommy wanna know
shotty close, try to rip get BLOW!
Nothin' to lose, mommy inside bruised
heart torn
with a barricade's how her heart's worn
Any minute now
any second now
Po-Po comin'
head spinnin' like a record now
Flashbacks of the times she spent
on the block
tenth grade ain't seen school since
Where the light at the end of the tunnel at?
Heard about American Dreams
gimmie some of that
Paper chasin'
fiends basin'
everywhere you look
another shell casin'

Chorus to fade

(c)2001 Orchard Park Music/BMI Amir Shakir
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Lyrics to Queen Of The Block
by M.c. Spice

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