Lyrics to 21st Century Fox (21CFX)
by Mc Zulu

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[edit]Song title21st Century Fox (21CFX)
[edit]Artist nameMc Zulu
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Niceness without all of the false pretenses.
Modern woman for the times step up

Gal you're the air I breathe. I'll give you all I got
Absolutely my 21st Century Fox
This ain't no fantasy, Believe these words or not
Nothing too much for my 21st Century Fox
Hidden dreams unfulfilled, Broken promises
Nonetheless find yourself holding on to this
Look what you do to me, When you get running hot
I risk it all for my 21st Century Fox

Vocemail on the telephone, She calling, She bawling
She no like how the Bad Man give all a
de gal dem better ideas about the way
them coulda reach the pleasure zone,
This session's direction was designed to
present the vibes inna the brightest light
Hold your questions please,
let vanity take over, as I make these gals get over
This power is dangerous
You want to call it sex appeal,
but I prefer to keep it real
it's just the control that they hold over me,
my weakness you know the deal
So much could be said over the version
But then some truths are better left unspoken, you know...

What the heart wants it's always so hard to say
What we need is so close, but so far away
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While it's raining all thru the chambers
of broken hearts me tell you no use complaining
Only time makes that feel better now.
Want to put things back together now?
Want shelter from the bad weather now?
Get wetter now, that's better now,
at least the makeup is entertaining
Gal you better better believe that you done recieve
the best treatment you could ever find
Give it to you like that, I'll blow your mind...
If HE no work it like that it's a waste of time
ZULU the bad man right here now living the life of the good guy,
who finished last and said goodbye
to the world of decency... recently
Well you know dem seh nice guy finish last
That is the last time that will ever happen to me
No longer victim of broken heart circumstance
Turn the tables, you understand? Watch it
Right now come back with the version

Something new reaching out I just got to know
Feeling trapped in a game and it's on a roll

Celebrating days of excess...
No worries this journey is only for the priviliged
Live life on the very edge. Never giving to regrets
Disorder..? Who'll start a sensual situation right here now?
Gyal... It'll Blow your mind, Break your heart
You no ready for this.
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Lyrics to 21st Century Fox (21CFX)
by Mc Zulu

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