Lyrics to Cheatin' in Your Dreams
by Meat Loaf

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[edit]Song titleCheatin' in Your Dreams
[edit]Artist nameMeat Loaf
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You see me now as large as life, but underneath you knew all too well
The hollow shell, no spark of life
Where once upon a time there beat a heart
For you and you knew it from the start, and you went and blew it all away
And you knew how, oh you knew best
The strings to pull and buttons to press
To wind me up and make me shake, you controlling every move I made
I couldn't see through it, all the pain, and you put me through it
Over and over again, just tell me over and over and over
How could you say there was no other, why is it nothing's what it seems
You told me I'm your greatest lover, do you even know what that word means
Your lovin' is coolin', baby who ya think you're foolin'
'Cos when I woke up I caught you cheatin' in your dreams
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Stop it! Stop it! Don't you say a word
I feel my hands around her neck and everything went blurred
Broken, broken, she slipped from out my hands
She lay so still and lifeless, I cried baby, baby, baby
(Cheatin', cheatin', cheatin' in your dreams)
(Cheatin', cheatin', cheatin' in your dreams)
It was my dumb luck, I just came unstuck
My whole world shook, I'd had about enough
When I woke up, I caught you cheatin' in your dreams
(Cheatin', cheatin', cheatin' in your dreams) (repeats out)
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Lyrics to Cheatin' in Your Dreams
by Meat Loaf

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