Lyrics to Nothing for Second
by Medulla Nocte

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[edit]Song titleNothing for Second
[edit]Artist nameMedulla Nocte
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Can't accept rewards that I've received
This fear of losing leaves it's scars on me

I'm sorry I didn't fit in
I'm sorry that I've got a complex
I'm sorry but my life is a joke

I'm sorry I seem to have failed you
I'm sorry that my life is a mess
I'm sorry but I don't have the answers

I'm sorry but I did my best
I'm sorry I can't take the shame
I'm sorry but no-one can help me

Strive for success, success, success....

The path I tread is one I have to follow
There's nothing for second, there's nothing for second
Still make the same mistakes x4
Despondent, this empty shell takes it's last breath
I feel the pain but I still enjoy it

One day is in confidence
Find more similar lyrics on next is in fear
I think I'll just stay at home
Because the next I might not see the end of

What I thought that I loved I find I despise
It's killing me slowly, infront of my eyes

Try to win the race, the race, the race....

repeat chorus

The future is not all it's cracked to be
I just apologise for fucking things up again repeat

Start, fight, defeat, again (oh
no not again, not again)
Competitive to the last, still walk
away with nothing, nothing....

Still make the same mistakes x4

I wasn't good enough repeat
And I apologize for fuck all
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Lyrics to Nothing for Second
by Medulla Nocte

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