Lyrics to Rebecca
by Meg & Dia

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[edit]Song titleRebecca
[edit]Artist nameMeg & Dia
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Stood by my Missus in the lobby
Asked to carry bags of Madame
Elevators rush to the sea
Rummaged through my coat for the key

After tea, lounged on the sofa
My lady spoke of everyone she knew there
She paused, grabbed my wrist, said, "Now, darling there he is"
I looked up, my surroundings stirred and smeared

His eyes calm and distant
His mouth so severe
Though half his age I was
I've never been in love before then

Max, you're so distraught
Perhaps, I'll help you out
Your wife was so much more than me
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Rush down the stairs to that man
Mr. Summer, he nodded his head
With laughter in his eyes, a smirk followed close behind
"We're strangers but I'm sure we should be married"

I spoke to my master, she nodded her head
Though I was young and scared
With Max standing there
We took our first step

Max, you're so distraught
Perhaps, I'll help you out
Your wife was so much more than me
But I can be her now, I can be her now
I can be her now
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Lyrics to Rebecca
by Meg & Dia

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