Lyrics to The Main Line
by Meganoidi

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[edit]Song titleThe Main Line
[edit]Artist nameMeganoidi
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm looking for all my footsteps (no regrets)
it's just my natural need to hold on the line
with what I have been
what is today means nothing it's coming back
it's getting back it's own meaning

and I was just waiting for a bridge like this
I'll keep on looking for the
words which make me feel
good everywhere

You remind me of a grate moment in my life
Find more similar lyrics on I enjoy myself finding you the same

the best remedy for my stomachache
I can't justify myself anymore

sometimes I miss myself
I miss the one who was smiling
so indifferent about his own business
this is the only way to turn my music
my lyrics into what I really want
into what I really need to be
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Lyrics to The Main Line
by Meganoidi

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