Lyrics to Woman of Dark Desires
by Menhir

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[edit]Song titleWoman of Dark Desires
[edit]Artist nameMenhir
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All dressed in gold and purple the beauty awaits the night
Knowing what will satisfy
Aware of Her delight
The thought of young fresh blood
makes the hours go so slow
But the yearn for eternal life and beauty
makes her hazelbrown eyes glow

Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory......

Now the hour is comed, the time is right
for the feast to take its roll
And by the sunrise 60 bodies will be found
raped from their blood and souls
The beauty patiently selects the victims for the night
Innocent blood will give eternal beauty eternal life
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Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory......

Now the life you have lived have comed to
light and unfold is your perversity.
Now the end is near still death is real
No more beauty or life for eternity
Cold walls entombs your secrets but
there's nothing you regret
Embrace death with a smile as the highlands face sunset

Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory......
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Lyrics to Woman of Dark Desires
by Menhir

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