Lyrics to Delta sun Bottleneck Stomp
by Mercury Rev

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[edit]Song titleDelta sun Bottleneck Stomp
[edit]Artist nameMercury Rev
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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See the corporate sea
Atlantic's too specific
Haven't time to settle
Sharks infest the water

Kicking up the dust
Constructing new ideals
Old ones laid to rust
Nothin' seems so real

Sliding away in a washed out delta sun

Missionaries flood
My favorite A.M. stations
Flowin' in their futures
Find more similar lyrics on out in this delta rag

Look the other way
Pocket all the pieces
Tripping up the strawhat
Tumble into the wind

Slidin' away in a washed out delta sun
Slidin' away in a washed out delta sun

Wavin' goodbye, I'm not sayin' hello
Wavin' goodbye, I'm not sayin' hello
Wavin' goodbye, I'm not sayin' hello
Wavin' goodbye, I'm not sayin' hello
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Lyrics to Delta sun Bottleneck Stomp
by Mercury Rev

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