Lyrics to Nebulous
by Meshuggah

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[edit]Song titleNebulous
[edit]Artist nameMeshuggah
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Drowned in this screaming silence
Embraced by shadows, they tear me
The wormholes free my eyes

The blood boils, it knows
My thoughts burn as minds liquefy, vaporize
Reality scorched by this fixed state

All beginnings slain by ends
Find more similar lyrics on seep down into the black to breathe
Drifting to merge with the past
My tongue licks the residue of the future

Bitter taste, the wombs of claws call me
Filth rips them open, the stillborn start to move
Lidless eyes twitching beneath a sheet of rot
They reach out, they want to kiss, it matters not
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Lyrics to Nebulous
by Meshuggah

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