Lyrics to (my Favorite) Nightmare
by Metal Church

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[edit]Song title(my Favorite) Nightmare
[edit]Artist nameMetal Church
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Better flood that restless soul of ecstacy and
fright In a path, splattered gore all through the
night Wakin' up at midnight, my bodies soaked in
sweat All my friends are down the stairs, watching
the TV set

Hearing now a scratching noise outside my window
pane Wondering if it's real or am I going insane
Running fast to lock the doors, a banshee now
Find more similar lyrics on Seconds count, I warn my friends, or is it
now too late?

A friend of mine is the first one out to check
(inaudible) Ripping flesh, (something) fly, we
hear them slowly die Then the cry of the
banshee..., we run for our life

Scream! Scream for your life!
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Lyrics to (my Favorite) Nightmare
by Metal Church

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