Lyrics to Breakaway
by Michael Bolton

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[edit]Song titleBreakaway
[edit]Artist nameMichael Bolton
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's something missing here and you know it
So why deny what you've been going through
You felt it coming though you
tried not to show it
Facing a price you can no longer pay
It's time for a change in the plans you had made

Breakaway, oh, breakaway
From all your lying
Breakaway, oh, breakaway
From all your crying
Before it's too late, breakaway
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Now you've got everything his money could buy you
And his affection still won't satisfy you
You need much more than his world would deny you
Caught in a dream that could never be real
Accepting the things you can no longer feel


Caught in a dream that can never be real
Accepting the things you can no longer feel

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Lyrics to Breakaway
by Michael Bolton

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