Lyrics to Our Love is Like a Holiday
by Michael Bolton

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[edit]Song titleOur Love is Like a Holiday
[edit]Artist nameMichael Bolton
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh yeah
Our love is like a holiday

I know that I let you down in the past
‘Cause I've got so many places to go
Girl, I promise I'll be around, give me a chance
‘Cause I'm singing for you wherever it show

(How can I)
How can it be
(How can I)
I've been so deep

(How can I)
It's hard to believe
This world brought you to me
(Brought you to me)

I've been to Paris, London, L.A.
I feel the tropical sun in my face
Find more similar lyrics on Christmas we don't need to get away
‘Cause our love is like a holiday

I'm always calling from a different hotel room
And your voice makes me feel like home
Backstreet, I'm waiting just thinking of you, of you
Just lying there sleeping alone

(How can I)
How can it be
(How can I)
I feel you creep into my every dream
I'm coming back on Christmas Eve
(On Christmas Eve)

Girl, I know you've been waiting for me for much too long
I thank you, girl, for holding on
Believe me when I tell you there's just one place I know I belong
Girl, that's why I loved you to soul
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Lyrics to Our Love is Like a Holiday
by Michael Bolton

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