Lyrics to Tell Him He's Yours
by Michael Bublé

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[edit]Song titleTell Him He's Yours
[edit]Artist nameMichael Bublé
Michael Buble
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Love the one that's right for love
Not the one you keep thinkin' of
Open your eyes, take a look, let him in

Don't just let your life go by
Dreamin' about some other guy
When you are dancin' with him cheek to cheek

Flyin' around in a jet
Champagne and limos you bet
Laughin' and havin' some fun
Though he's not even the one

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Not the one you keep thinkin' of
Open your heart, take a chance, let him in

Don't try to say that he's not
'Cause all of the things that he's got
For he's just a guy that wants you and he'll be true

And although he just tries to explain
That all of this fun's not a game
He'll turn around and walk out that door
Just tell him he's yours
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Lyrics to Tell Him He's Yours
by Michael Bublé

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