Lyrics to The Lady Wants to Know
by Michael Franks

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[edit]Song titleThe Lady Wants to Know
[edit]Artist nameMichael Franks
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Daddy plays the ashtray.
Baby starts to cry.
The Lady wants to know
The reason why
Daddy's just like Coltrane.
Baby's just like Miles.
The Lady's just like heaven
When she smiles.

And the Lady wants to know
She wants to know the reason
Got to know the reason why.
This man has got to go
This man is always leavin'
Find more similar lyrics on he hates to say goodbye.

But what she doesn't know
Is there really is no reason
There really is no reason why.

Daddy he hates airplanes.
Baby loves to fly.
And the Lady wants to know
The reason why.
Daddy's just like Coltrane.
Baby's just like Miles.
The Lady's just like heaven
When she smiles.
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Lyrics to The Lady Wants to Know
by Michael Franks

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