Lyrics to Paves The Way
by Michael Grepp

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[edit]Song titlePaves The Way
[edit]Artist nameMichael Grepp
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I want to say
That I can't recall
the words I need
to find a better way

You could lie awake
when all your day dreams break
I couldn't pass the time
so I

So I say
why do you run away
so I sigh
whispers are where you lie

You couldn't pave the way
when I make these day dreams break
but I couldn't pass the time
so I
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I'll watch you run away
I know not to
to find your

So I say
why do you run away
so I sigh
whispers are where you lie
but I think we can pave the way
when all your day dreams break
I hope we can pass the time
so I

I just wanted to tell you something but I cannot recall
sick and tired wasted mired and I can have it all
pulled asunder grounds down under and I
sick and tired wasted mired and I want to have it all with you
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Lyrics to Paves The Way
by Michael Grepp

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