Lyrics to How Many Tears
by Michael Kiske

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[edit]Song titleHow Many Tears
[edit]Artist nameMichael Kiske
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A lot of things occur each day
We've got to live with on our way
There's so much misery on the screen
With commercials in between

And the Russians won't be so late
Uncle Sam don't wanna wait
No matter if you're black or white
You never ever had a right

And look up to the eternal skies
See warfare even there
What once has been a paradise
Now destruction and despair

In other worlds the children die
Lacking food ill from a fly
Oppressed by troops to tame their land
It's all the same again

If any man is free on earth
Then tormentors steal his birth
They slam gun butts in his face
And leave his woman choked in mace

Find more similar lyrics on stand up for our human rights
Push back this pest of hate
Raise you voice pass on the light
Unite! it's not too late


How many tears flow away
To become a sea of fears
How many hearts are torn apart
Till another torment starts

But before the world
Turns into a sun
All cruelty and violence
On earth will be dead and gone

Solo: both / both / Mike / both

So stand up for our human rights
Push back this pest of hate
Raise you voice pass on the light
Unite! It's not too late

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Lyrics to How Many Tears
by Michael Kiske

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