Lyrics to You Know how
by Michael Penn

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[edit]Song titleYou Know how
[edit]Artist nameMichael Penn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Every eye will go to you
You do not have a doubt
'Cause baby, these appearances
Are what it's all about

And if I told you how that looks
You'd say, I've got a nerve
Just another particle
That we can all observe

As you trot it out, you know how
You trot it out, you know how

You had a ball at Eden dale
I'll never guess who came
The guy who played the lover in
That film without a name

He lavishes praise upon you
And fetched umbrella'd drinks
And when you think he likes you
Then you like the way he thinks

So you trot it out, you know how
You trot it out, babe, you know how

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Given up for dead
But humbled by the universe
Revolving 'round your head

Suddenly you’re telling me
That credit where it's due
Every blessing come your way
You've been entitled to

Oh, you trot it out, babe, you know how

So captivate my interest with
An answer for it all
A destiny's awaiting you
You sort of feel the call

But you can't help me with this bit
Of text you memorize
You can make excuses
But you don't apologize

No, you trot it out, you know how
You trot it out, you know how
To trot it out, babe, you know
You know how
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Lyrics to You Know how
by Michael Penn

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