Lyrics to Color Blind
by Michael W. Smith

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[edit]Song titleColor Blind
[edit]Artist nameMichael W. Smith
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Michael W. Smith /
Wayne Kirkpatrick)

There's not a world of difference
Out in the world tonight
Between this world of people
Red, Yellow, Black and White
But instead of riding a
rainbow of love
We still are fighting
with prejudice gloves
Of anger
With something to claim
But nothing to gain so
Why can't we be color blind
You know we should
Be living together
And we'd find a reason and rhyme
I know we would
'Cause we could see better
If we could be color blind

Somebody's just assuming
He's up to nothing good
'Cause he's not like the others
Find more similar lyrics on goes the neighborhood
What kind of world are we living in
When we judge a man by
the tone of his skin
It's crazy
'Cause he has a heart
Like you have a heart and


It'd be so fine
To be color blind
To open our eyes
And see color blind

I know this world would
be a better place
The only race would be
the human race
All of those barriers
would be erased
Why can't we be color blind

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Lyrics to Color Blind
by Michael W. Smith

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