Lyrics to Puzzle
by Millencolin

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[edit]Song titlePuzzle
[edit]Artist nameMillencolin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here we are again with another bunch of soft songs
maybe you are wondering why it took us so long
with a schedule tight, studiotime is sight
we have mostly been on touring.
Inspiration has been hard this time and honestly
I've had some problems with all these rhymes.

We're under stress again, but it has always been that way
and once we get it right, then I know it's there to stay.
We're under stress again, but we're used to all that now
It's always tough at first but somehow we always end up fine.
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Third album, less of ska and not so many fast ones
more of puppy, pushysongs, those that we do best now.
Nine to five at Unisound in January '97
we had the greatest time, with Dan as engineer
now the outcome is what you hear.

If you're lonely or if you're happy
feeling swell or feeling blue, we might have a tune for you.
It's about half of an hour, maybe less or maybe more
whatever it might be it's still softcore.
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Lyrics to Puzzle
by Millencolin

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