Lyrics to Never Believe
by Ministry

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[edit]Song titleNever Believe
[edit]Artist nameMinistry
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Is anybody here?
Is everybody here?
The service is about to begin

I make my servant by fires insidious
Instead of the laughter there's the last of the separated jewels
I'll make dust of the whole damned wall
I'll make hovels for all the worms
I left off my hands to save these idiot bastards, bastards

Me and my cell mate have lost again for ever
The sun shines and I breathe 'My father'
I want so much to remove your past
And deliver your neurotic flesh from evil

Grab this giant's hand
Grab this giant's hand
Grab this giant's hand
Grab this giant's hand

But I'm only allowed to touch what I know
And all that I know are hypocrites
Liars and witches who burned
In the name of human fear
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You will never believe, never believe
Never believe, never believe
Never believe, never believe
Never believe, never believe

We haven't much time left

Evening will come and with it the equivalent
Of the devil's animals with fear to come
They ask of us favors we cannot fulfill
They ask, curse at us and we smile

Caught in conviction
A crowd of senseless individuals
Will go further than both love and greed
As the clear salvation, the future is here

You will never believe, never believe
Never believe, never believe
Never believe, never believe
Never believe, never believe
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Lyrics to Never Believe
by Ministry

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