Lyrics to Nobody's Fool
by Miranda Lambert

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[edit]Song titleNobody's Fool
[edit]Artist nameMiranda Lambert
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One more night with the same neon lights
And I’ll find my place at the bar
One more dance so I’ll buy one more round
And I’ll try to down out my heart

He’ll walk in and make every head turn
And he’ll always be dressed to kill
Day I left is my only regret
And now it’s become his biggest thrill

All my friends say “hey don’t you know him”
And I’ll try to play it off cool
When they ask I’ll just say he’s nobody
And me, well I’m nobody’s fool

Won’t take long and he’ll find him someone
And then pull them out for a dance
Every note tells me that’s all she wrote
Find more similar lyrics on reminds me how I missed my chance.

When he’s done he’ll have a little more fun
And he’ll let her act like she’s gold
As they walk out while I’m learning about
What it is to have nothing to lose

All my friends say “hey don’t you know him”
And I’ll try to play it off cool
When they ask I’ll just say he’s nobody
And me, well I’m nobody’s fool

All my friends say “hey don’t you know him”
And I’ll try to play it off cool
When they ask I’ll just say he’s nobody
And me, well I’m nobody’s fool

And me, well I’m nobody’s fool.
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Lyrics to Nobody's Fool
by Miranda Lambert

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