Lyrics to Taste it
by Misery Loves Co

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[edit]Song titleTaste it
[edit]Artist nameMisery Loves Co
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ready to dive,
to taste it
strain my nerve,
no, I won't lose
Time is right for
bring me more
I will not hesitate,
what you see is
what you get

Taste it, x2
Don't fake it
fake it

Closer this time,
your pigskin
conceal the sky,
with your big lie
Nothing left to fuck up,
further down
imaginary gun,
no I won't lose
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Taste it, x2
Don't fake it
taste it
Repeat x2

I will not fade,
makes no sense at all
to apologies,
for something I am not
No God damn relapse,
I'll go for the throat
No God damn relapse,
though something is lost

Taste it, x2
Don't fake it
taste it

taste it x4

I will not fade... x4
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Lyrics to Taste it
by Misery Loves Co

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