Lyrics to Anchor
by Misery Signals

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[edit]Song titleAnchor
[edit]Artist nameMisery Signals
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Through churning waters and midnight skies
This ship has sailed one too many times
To reach a land of dreams
Where no sole nor soul has set
Where footprints leave no name
Time and time again this attempt has failed
You were my anchor

And I am chained to everything I
tried to leave behind

Through heartfelt waters and crystal skies
Find more similar lyrics on won't prevail
Time and time again this attempt has failed
My attempts have failed
You were my anchor

These eyes, they long for light
So I can see the truth that lies
You always told me this ship would never sail
But I will be washed away
With all my strength I'll blow this sail
With all my strength I'll wash away
I will be washed away
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Lyrics to Anchor
by Misery Signals

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