Lyrics to Swoon
by Mission U.K.

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[edit]Song titleSwoon
[edit]Artist nameMission U.K.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I, more than adore you
Naked, standing before you
Hold out your arms
And open yourself wide
Hold me dear
Bury me deep inside
Feel, feel the glow
You make me swoon

I, wanna turn you on
Wanna take you high
Sleight of hand
Slip of the tongue
Sweet, how sweet you taste
Find more similar lyrics on the heat
The heat you make
You make me swoon,
you make me swoon

I, more than adore you
Naked, standing before you
Hush, baby hush
Rush, here comes the rush
You make me swoon,
you make me swoon
You make me swoon,
you make me swoon
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Lyrics to Swoon
by Mission U.K.

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