Lyrics to We did it
by Missy Elliot

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[edit]Song titleWe did it
[edit]Artist nameMissy Elliot
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We made love, now you gone Now you don´t
wanna claim me no more Told your boys, you never
knew You never kissed or held me in your arms How
dare you even leave Me looking like I´m
lying on you When you said it´s all about me
I believe it cuz you made believe

1 - If you did it, then you did it Boy, you
don´t have to lie Once you hit, then you hit
it I´m no chick on the side

Just forget it, gon´ omit it Don´t
you, don´t you dare try You done hit it, you
done hit it More than, more than two times

Repeat 1

You changed your phone, won´t call me back
Now I can´t even get in touch with you See
how you do, I never knew That you would deny this
love I´m servin´ you That ain´t
cool, I´m hatin´ you Because you was
the first to make the move Now you say you never
knew You make your boys think that I´m some
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Repeat 1 Repeat 1

You know we did it, yep we did it boy Why must
you lie? I drove your whip, you picked me up You
told me, meet you outside We had some blunts like
what the.. Gettin´ high in your ride Getting
mushy, want some pussy Get your biggest supply

Yeah, we did it, you was with it That was all on
your mind Then you hit it, can´t admit it
Then you wastin´ my time I won´t
forget it, need to quit it Put it all behind Why
you did it, why you did it If you gon´ have
to lie

Bone me, phony Sex me then you disown me Homies
told me This is how all dogs will be

Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Repeat 1

Yeah, yeah More than two times Uh, chicky chicky,
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Lyrics to We did it
by Missy Elliot

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