Lyrics to Babygirl Intro
by Missy Elliott

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[edit]Song titleBabygirl Intro
[edit]Artist nameMissy Elliott
Missy 'misdemeanor' Elliott
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Missy Elliot:

Check It
As i grab my pad and pen
and begin to talk from within
Oh God how my eyes water
like a preacher who sins
Im only human but,
the world has put me on a platform
since the day i was born,
to only wait for my down falls
but like a brick wall
im too hard to break.
Ok, I do make mistakes but
im the realist from the fake.
Thats why im the hardest to hate.
Aaliyah, babygirl, ive learned to love
those while they still awake,
"Sleep, Sleep".
And prepare a place for those who are good
in the projects and hood.
give to the misunderstood.
I know lisa, pac, and
Find more similar lyrics on and jay and pun
are still number one.
there will be more of us to come.
high of a leader teach her, i gotta.
Like a single parent provider.
puttin back those hip hop dividers.
like a priest with a back slaughter.
I sin but I win.
and any one we lost in life on 9/11,
we'll be sure to see again

{Mary J. Blidge:}
What you hear is not a test
im rockin to the beat
its just me, and my crew and my friends
we gonna try to move your feet.
See I am MAry Blidge and i'd
like to say hello.
to the black the white the
red and the brown,
the purple and yellow. so watcha got..
(ohhhh, ohhh, ooooooooo)
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Lyrics to Babygirl Intro
by Missy Elliott

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