Lyrics to Upon Raging Waves
by Mithotyn

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[edit]Song titleUpon Raging Waves
[edit]Artist nameMithotyn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Upon raging waves.
Beneath grey clouds.
Far from home,
we're sailing south.
In the name
of our gods.
The darkness of the depth,
stare at us from down under.
But the gods over our heads,
keep their wathing bands above us.
Upon raging waves
we sail our ships.
And we look back
against the north,
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We step ashore with a
thirst of gold.
The sound of steel make us strong.
Soon we've reached the aim
for this journey:
Wealth to all our men.
Upon raging waves.
Beneath blazing sun.
We're sailing north
with the pride kept
in our hearts.
(Music: Karl/Weinerhall -
Lyrics: Weinerhall)
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Lyrics to Upon Raging Waves
by Mithotyn

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