Lyrics to Moonlight: the Nocturnal Serenade
by Mjölnir

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[edit]Song titleMoonlight: the Nocturnal Serenade
[edit]Artist nameMjölnir
[edit]Lyrics languageGerman
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Obscure Your Supper
The New Draft Arrived
To Sing For You
Moonlight (The Nocturnal Serenade)

Sing Now, You Of The Tower Of Anor
Because The Realm Of Sauron, Always
Has Locked Up For Eternity
The Black Tower Lies Down

Moonlight (The Nocturnal Serenade)
Moonlight (The Nocturnal Serenade)

...The Sound Of An Evening Breeze
Just Like A Cold Winter Flow
Roam Through Your Silk Hair...
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Above The Hill Of Dreams
Twinkle In The Glittering Moon
Twilight Through The Passage Of Storms
Reflected In The Lake Of Tears;
Drowning In Tears

As The Moon Drifts Away
What Kind Of Phenomenon Would Do This?

Oppress Thy Mayhem
Become An Overlord
To Sing With Me
Moonlight (The Nocturnal Serenade)
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Lyrics to Moonlight: the Nocturnal Serenade
by Mjölnir

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