Lyrics to Times Before the Past
by Mjölnir

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[edit]Song titleTimes Before the Past
[edit]Artist nameMjölnir
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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featuring Henri Sattler from God Dethroned

Covered With Ice
Entombed By Stones
Demolished Through Feet
Expired With Swords
Murdered By Destruction
Captured Over Sea

I Behold The Burden
To Become As One
As History Repeats
Times Before The Past

Through The Former Period Of Time
When The Leaves Fall From Trees
As I Blazed By The Past
Towards The Unleashed Future

My Sorrow Withers Again (My Sorrow Withers)
In The Womb Of Time (In The Womb Of Time)
I Travel With Fears (I Travel With Fears)
Times Before The Past
(Times Before The Past)

The Silent Path I Walk On
Fading Beneath The Flight Unknown
Clouds Surrounding My Wings

Now That My Past Is Rising In My Head
For All That I Have Forgotten Inside
Find more similar lyrics on High Above The Horizon, I See
Through The Misty Gates, I Wander...
Where I Behold The Burden
Of The Endless Words
Of The Throne Of The
Everlasting Timeless Past

Time Flies, Until Dawn Arises
Conquering The Darkness We Live In
With My Tireless Wings
I'll Be Flying To The Awakening Millennium

I Am Counting The End Of My Days
Saving The Time That Is Left For Me
For What, I Shall Be Waiting
My Spirit Shall Return In
The Lightning Darkness

And Here I Die...
For Millenniums To Come
For Millenniums To Go
My Time Won't Last
Not My Eternal Life
Will Suffer In Time

Times Before The Past
(Times Before The Past)
Times Before The Past
(Times Before The Past)
Times Before The Past.
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Lyrics to Times Before the Past
by Mjölnir

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