Lyrics to Don't Have to Lose
by Mltr (Michael Learns to Rock)

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[edit]Song titleDon't Have to Lose
[edit]Artist nameMltr (Michael Learns to Rock)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If we want it we just have to choose
If we need it we don't have to lose
I see into your eyes
It's time to realize

If you want it I am here for you
If you need it and you love me too
There is no black or white
This is no sacrifice

We don't have to lose
this love my friend
We won't make the same mistake again
We've been restless we've been blind
We've been going out of our minds
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If we want it we could try again
If we need it this could be the end
Of feeling crazy
The end of feeling sad


We don't have to run
And crash into some wall
We don't have to let it go
We don't have to fall


We don't have to lose
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Lyrics to Don't Have to Lose
by Mltr (Michael Learns to Rock)

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