Lyrics to Blaze of First Warning
by Mob Rules

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[edit]Song titleBlaze of First Warning
[edit]Artist nameMob Rules
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wipe your tears away
Keep your eyes on nature
Here and now - today
Heaven's path will take you

Don't trust in spoken words
Discover your own sense
They try to put you down
And things become undone

Blaze of first warning
Trust just yourself
Blaze of first warning
You once had some friends
who did you wrong

Find more similar lyrics on't take a ride to hell
And trust the signs of fire
They show the way one day
But sell your god for hire

Don't trust in spoken words
Don't believe their promises
They try to put you down
When things come into sight

Blaze of first warning
Trust just yourself
Blaze of first warning
You once had some friends
who sold their lives
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Lyrics to Blaze of First Warning
by Mob Rules

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