Lyrics to Project Hallways
by Mobb Deep

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[edit]Song titleProject Hallways
[edit]Artist nameMobb Deep
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Niggaz catchin' bodies in the project hallways
Project hallways, the project hallways
Project hallways, the project hallways

Step in to my highrise hell
You gots to be on the up and up
Watch your back, pump your crack
But don't forget to re-up

A burner's your God and you pray to it all day
Then at night, you catch a body
But it's just the shit you got to do
'Cause if you wasn't watchin', they'd catch your ass too

You gotta go all out if you want props
Or you can just kill a man and it's the same for cops
Now you want a little fame from the drug game
Whether you shoot 'em up, or pump cracks, it's all the same

But fuck it you're in it to win it
Fat uptown, cookies in the rocks, your spot's hot
Now you're livin' the life of a project sad song
Makin' your loot from all the right wrongs

But that's the way it goes when you choose your path
And you might just feel the pain of a tec 22 blast
All out war, with niggaz from the next block
You're pullin' out the glock, to shut 'em down

Now you're Mr. Big Shot in your tribe
Niggaz know your name from Mt. Vernon, to Southside
Comin' from the streets of Fright
Where the only thing you'll know
Is how to roll it up right and load it up tight

You're startin' a block war
Nigga pull the trigga if you want a little more
Frank Nitty style, Buck Wild
Thirty-eight slugs from uptown thugs

No question, you're true to the game
Since the age of a little Brand Nubian
From skelly tops to props Incomprehensible
Now you're puttin' your block on the map

A role model to the petty drug dealers
Banana clip style, my neighborhood's Buck Wild
You can't forget who you came from
See you later maybe sooner in the project hallways

Project hallways, the project hallways
Niggaz catchin' bodies in the project hallways
Project hallways, the project hallways
Niggaz catchin' bodies in the project hallways
Project hallways, the project hallways
Niggaz catchin' bodies

A little hell bound nigga, shoot 'em up, light 'em up
Pull the trigger, pass the 40 in the project hallways
Runnin' through the doorways
Back in the days just a little snot nosed bastard
Always causin' havoc with a blade

But now it's a burner, used, for murder
Step a little closer and your ass is grass
Find more similar lyrics on better move fast 'fore I kick that ass
'Cause I'm sharp like glass but I won't break
Walk into the project hallways is your big mistake

You little bitch ass nigga, you shoulda known better
You'll get done, did a kid from the 'Bridge
Who gets buck and couldn't give a fuck about your daze
I'm talkin' 'bout the project hallways

Catchin' bodies in the project hallways
Project hallways, chillin' in the project hallways

To survive around my way
You gotta play a knuckle game every day
Lost in the shuffle of hardrocks
And knocks on the streets of the uptown blocks
Load the glocks, who got the mox'

A little gun bangin' bad-ass project thug
You're in the wrong part of town kid
Mr. Buddha on the 13th floor, gimme some more
Sess bag it up real quick kid

Tap the Incomprehensible shit, the brew, pass the Phil'
What's my name? Niggaz call me Little Shorty gets ill
And bag 'em up on the street corner
And bust 'em open in the project hallways

Check it out, yo, around the way kid the sun don't shine
Phillie Blunts kid I got what you want and it's time
My dialogue with the project 'cause motivate
Move, Incomprehensible I never lose

Freestyle project hallway style
But the shit ain't real unless you got that buddha filled chalm
Keep me goin' on when I perform
Charge the brain, lick 'em up, that's the name of the game

So it's the move when I move little smooth
On the motherfuckin' mission and I just improve
Upstairs, niggaz dyin' on the 6th floor
'Cause in the projects, shit is mad rough

So take a puff and relax your mind
J.V. crimes, most of the time
You might catch my crew, with a sixty-four brew
Watch your back, 'cause we're comin' through
With a fat sack of 1-2-1 son and the shit ain't fun

Unless I get some of the action, little shorty execute
I'm killin' niggaz in the hallways
Till there ain't no more left to shoot
So if you can't take the heat, stay out of the ways
Before you become a victim of the project hallways

Project hallways, the project hallways
Niggaz catchin' bodies in the project hallways
Project hallways, the project hallways
Niggaz catchin' bodies in the project hallways

Project hallways, the project hallways
Niggaz catchin' bodies in the project hallways
Project hallways, the project hallways
Niggaz shoot 'em up in the project hallways
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Lyrics to Project Hallways
by Mobb Deep

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