Lyrics to Clear day
by Modern Day Zero

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[edit]Song titleClear day
[edit]Artist nameModern Day Zero
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A faded picture
Empty cigarette case
It's on the night stand
That reveals my place
Empty bottle
Relays my thoughts
It's for the cheap seats
And your life's the cost
Does it really get hard from here
Does emotion ever come
from your fears

On a clear day
Get up and look around
On a clear day
You know where I'll be found
On a clear day
Six feet under ground
'Cause the rain won't fall
When I decide to die
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When I watch you while
you're sleeping
You turn away
Somehow you feel my stare
Do you want me to continue my life
Without the comfort
Of those days gone by
Do you really feel how you say
Do those gray clouds ever go away


Do you really feel how you say
Do those gray clouds ever go away


I don't ever want to
die on a clear day
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Lyrics to Clear day
by Modern Day Zero

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