Lyrics to Breaking the Cycle
by Modern Life is War

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[edit]Song titleBreaking the Cycle
[edit]Artist nameModern Life is War
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This marks the return of a threat that we should
have never taken back: To live our lives with
unwavering intent and in the spirit of a new
romance. Growing up in an age where monotony's so easy to keep your heart and mind
locked away. And it's up to you to rise
break away. We've got no more time to spend
spitting ugly words at our vicious circles from
within. The time has come to adapt and reinvent.
Find more similar lyrics on yourself go. Come unhinged. Claws out...stuck
in a place where you don't fit. Focus or more sitting on the fence. Today is the
day we face ourselves and forgive, because the
world won't wait while we fail to make amends.
Late Night Adventure. Reckless Abandonment. We're
going to live our lives like it's our last chance.
Revenge: We're taking back what they stole.
Prepare your soul!
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Lyrics to Breaking the Cycle
by Modern Life is War

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