Lyrics to Should've Been Could've Been
by Moloko

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[edit]Song titleShould've Been Could've Been
[edit]Artist nameMoloko
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Some of you will already know there's no place to go
This is the modern man, as good as I am
Here in the heart of the sun my memory melts
Swellegant, elephant pain, he never forgets
Should've been a beautiful thing
Could've been a beautiful thing

Pull over to the side of the road, let the bold be bold
Luxury at a low introductory price, now wouldn't that be nice?
A happy little family puts you in a trance meanwhile back at the ranch
Insatiable hand-held flexible friend, why not give him a chance?
Could've been a beautiful thing
Should've been, could've been a beautiful thing

Promises of pleasure mesmerised, but how far can we get?
Find more similar lyrics on least here in the eye of the storm I won't get my hairdo wet
Some of you have already foreseen yourself undone
Some of you seem to believe you've only just begun
Try a little perjury, get rich quick
My eyes are bigger than my belly is, and it makes me sick
Attitude, so much to prove, should've been a beautiful thing
Some of you will already know, and I'm still wondering
Should've been a beautiful thing
Could've been a beautiful thing
I could've been, should've been, could've been a beautiful thing
Could've been a beautiful thing
Should've been, would've been a beautiful thing

(How we love to disguise)
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Lyrics to Should've Been Could've Been
by Moloko

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