Lyrics to I´m the one
by Molotov

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[edit]Song titleI´m the one
[edit]Artist nameMolotov
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Im the one who dies when it's time for me to die,
I'm the one who dies, live my life the way I want

For real, cuz it's your pain when you feel it, it
is your blood when you bleed It is your loss when
you lose, agree or disagree That's why when you
talk it, it's through your own teeth, and when you
gots to walk it is with your own feet Remember
that when it's your grief and it's you who feels
the heat, Infestation of fleas, people itching to
critique About success they stress, and sneer at
your defeats, Don't need no raised eye-brows or
looks of disbelief Fuck all the deceit that they
all got up in 'em Nobody fights your battles it's
you who gots to win'em When you feel like
everybody want's to see you in ruin, Don't pay no
nevermind keep on doing what your doing

I'm the one who's gonna have to die when it's
time for me to die, so if you don't like the way I
live, you can kiss my ass

I'm the one who dies when it's time for me to
die, I'm the one who dies, live my life the way I
want to

Find more similar lyrics on're your boots you gotta stand in, It's in
your skin that you're stranded No one else has a
hand in what fate has commanded It is your soul
that is crammed in and your brain that is rammed
in Your life, you have to plan it, no one else
will do the program So imagine, why people want in
your soap opera, improper, how best friends will
always try to stop ya

Sit back and relax in your lazy-boy rocker make
them the ones to ponder on how they're gonna top

Well it's always a shame when it's time to pass
the blame You take it frame by frame when it's
time to play the game And no it's never the same
when it's them that's in the rain, When it's you
who gets the cane it's you who feels the pain, Or
the stain, when you're face down in the grass, So,
everybody gather around and raise your glass, Cuz
no one's gonna die your death when it's time to
pass, so live like you feel and tell 'em to kiss
your ass

I'm the one who dies when it's time for me to
die, I'm the one who dies, live my life the way I
want to
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Lyrics to I´m the one
by Molotov

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