Lyrics to Closing my Eyes Won't Help me Leave
by Moneen

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[edit]Song titleClosing my Eyes Won't Help me Leave
[edit]Artist nameMoneen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Where's my love? It's fallen and I'm bound to it
Where's my heart? It stopped, then why am I still here?
Something's missing

Wrong gone? Would you say it's too late?
Say something now. Say something's wrong. Say sorry
Wrong gone? Would you stay? It's your fate
Something's missing

Wait this out a promise kept ends suddenly
Close my eyes relax, lay back and try to breathe

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Is it too late?
To change it all
And mend mistakes

As if I would have such thoughts
And scream so loud for all it's not

Don't say you're sorry cause sorry means something is wrong
Don't say you're sorry don't say you're sorry now
And I've changed those thoughts rang out
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Lyrics to Closing my Eyes Won't Help me Leave
by Moneen

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