Lyrics to Midnight Rain (Interlude)
by Montell Jordan

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[edit]Song titleMidnight Rain (Interlude)
[edit]Artist nameMontell Jordan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Looks like it's gonna rain
So we can lay back
Watch some Jerry Springer on TV
Yo, watch this

We can leave the TV on
We'll use it for it's light
Let the CD's play
It'll get us through the night
Now dinner was delicious, don't mean to stare but
It's just that I want you so bad, baby

The time is right, the mood is right
So glad I came over
Your love is 'bout it 'bout it tonight
And now all I'm thinking of
Find more similar lyrics on the taste of your tongue
And your lips, girl, I'm sprung
The time is right
The mood is right
I'm so glad I came over
To take you on a let's ride
And now all I'm thinking of
Is the taste of your tongue, and your lips, girl I'm sprung

The time is right, the mood is right
So glad I came over
I'm so glad I came over
And now all I'm thinking of
Is the taste of your tongue
And your lips, girl I'm sprung
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Lyrics to Midnight Rain (Interlude)
by Montell Jordan

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