Lyrics to Consuming Jerusalem
by Monumentum

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[edit]Song titleConsuming Jerusalem
[edit]Artist nameMonumentum
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I Kissed PILATO's Hands
and touched the Nails in JESUS' ones
Making the Favourite JEWELS
of my WIFE with His collapsed EYES
In the Pure Waters of BAPTISM,
I have baths of Iconoclast Youth
On the Humilated Cross of CHRIST,
I hang on the Ghosts of MORAL Slaveries

Two Thousand Years and I realised
VATICAN's foundations
Rise-up on Earth ENTRAILS
Two Thousand Years and I realised VATICAN's columns
Are full of Reptiles drenched with WASTED prayers
My Flight is now NOCTURNE,
Unsoiled by Celestial TRINITIES
Your Beloved GOD, my once UNREQUESTED Shelter

Find more similar lyrics on saw him drowning in my EXCREMENTS
in the Dim Light of a no-Consolation ORACLE
I Won't be Chained to you Forever
I Won't be Victim of My Human Desire

My FLESH not praying for Mercy
anymore, and my Soul has gone
Leaving a Black WEB on its Place...
...a black Web Devourin the ONCE deposed Egg
Gift of an eighteen years Soul TRASCENDENCE

I, the Delivered Treasure
I, Field of Misery
I, Enfeebled Cobweb
I, the Mirror Phobic, the Neo-Phobic
I, Marbre Noir
I, Shadow of Myself
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Lyrics to Consuming Jerusalem
by Monumentum

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