Lyrics to You and me
by Moody Blues

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[edit]Song titleYou and me
[edit]Artist nameMoody Blues
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's a leafless tree in Asia
Under the sun there's a homeless man
There's a forest fire in the valley
Where the story all began?

What will be our last thought?
Do you think it's coming soon?
Will it be of comfort
Or the pain of a burning wound?

All we are trying to say is
We are all we've got
You and me just cannot fail
Never, never stop

You're an ocean full of faces
And you know that we believe
We're just a wave that drifts around you
Singing all our hopes and dreams
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We look around in wonder
At the work that has been done
By the vision of our father
Touched by his loving son

All we are trying to say is
We are all we've got
You and me just cannot fail
If we never never stop

All we are trying to say is
We are all we've got
You and me just cannot fail
If we never never stop

You and me just cannot fail
If we never, never
Never, never stop
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Lyrics to You and me
by Moody Blues

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