Lyrics to At the Image of Pain
by Moonspell

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[edit]Song titleAt the Image of Pain
[edit]Artist nameMoonspell
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Man confirmed by the carnal
Like a damnation supreme
Man you are bound to this
world and this blood
Raise hands to the wonders
In honour of you

Man, condemned again
Created at the image of pain

Beast conceived in the spirit
Such is your instinct supreme
Prince in all of this world and beyond
Blood oaths to the solemn
In return to you
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Man, condemned again
Created at the image of pain

A prince must possess both
nature of beast and man

(Can you feel? It is real...)

Man, condemned again
Fallen at the image of pain
Man, condemned again
I am the Son of the Earth
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Lyrics to At the Image of Pain
by Moonspell

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