Lyrics to Sorry Doesn't Help
by Morrissey

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[edit]Song titleSorry Doesn't Help
[edit]Artist nameMorrissey
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All wide-eyed simple smiles
certain to see you through
like a QC full of fake humility you say:
"Oh, please forgive..." you say:
"Oh, live and let live..."
but sorry doesn't help us
and sorry will not save us
and sorry will not bring my
teen years back to me (any
time soon)
Forced back, it springs right out
seasoned, you have no doubts
you lied about the lies that you told
which is the full extent of what
Find more similar lyrics on you is all about you say:
"Oh, please forgive..." you say:
"Oh, live and let live..."
but sorry doesn't help us
sorry will not save us
sorry will not bring my love
into my arms (as far as I know...)
sorry doesn't help us
sorry will not save us
sorry is just a word you find
so easy to say... so you say it anyway
sorry doesn't help us
sorry won't protect us
sorry won't undo all the good gone wrong
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Lyrics to Sorry Doesn't Help
by Morrissey

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