Lyrics to Inflamed
by Mortification

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[edit]Song titleInflamed
[edit]Artist nameMortification
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Inside the crypts of eternal death
Hear the screams of a billion souls
Burning in the catacombs
The place of eternal repayment

Those who died without Christ's blood
Who followed the damned, eternal liar
Will burn forever without escape
From the inextinguishable fire

Prince of the air
What does your evil dare
This very torment was ignited all for you

The burning sensation, feel the torment rumbling
The flames disposal, the end result of sin
Flames burn high, smoke burns the eyes
Join in and cry, scream for you life

Those who died without Christ's blood
Who followed the damned, eternal liar
Will burn forever without escape
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Who cry for help once in there's no escape
Eternal reward for the life you embraced

The dream of darkness awakes
Enter eternal flames
Tales of old proven before you
Opposing all disbelief

Those who died without Christ's blood
Who followed the damned, eternal liar
Will burn forever without escape
From the inextinguishable fire

What is eternity that you should lose your soul
Eternal life with Christ or face the second death

Rev. 20:15, Matt 25:31, 25:46,
25:41, Luke 16:23-24, 16:28-29,
Mark 8:34-38, 9:1

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Lyrics to Inflamed
by Mortification

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