Lyrics to Web of Fire
by Mortification

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[edit]Song titleWeb of Fire
[edit]Artist nameMortification
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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words-steve rowe, music-jeff lewis

web of fire!
devil's attack, must fight back,
the blood of christ, our defence,
guard our minds, guard our hearts,
kill all death

web of fire, destroys life of mankind. x2

satan's lies, they must die,
Find more similar lyrics on he will kill, if he can,
guard our souls, guard our life,
kill all death!

web of, fire, destroys, all life,
blood of, our christ, new birth, new life

devil's attack, must fight back,
the blood of christ, our defence,
guard our souls, guard our life,
kill all death!
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Lyrics to Web of Fire
by Mortification

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