Lyrics to Mother of Fear
by Mortum

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[edit]Song titleMother of Fear
[edit]Artist nameMortum
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mother of fear - whispers in my ear: Now the time
has come, the last ring of the bell has rung the
final minute of your life, destiny doesn't want
your soul... You're to be judged, to fear in the
last dimension Mother of fear

Destruction my save my tears, just can't cry my
tears no more I was left alone at the path, then I
didn't see that the last show was ment for me
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Mother of fear, now the time has come, mother of

Mother of fear - have mercy onmy soul, don't bend
my faith into disappearence Then I'll damn you,
damn to fear in fear, the mother fear shall to my
feet kneel
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Lyrics to Mother of Fear
by Mortum

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