Lyrics to (i Won't) pay Your Price
by Motorhead

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[edit]Song title(i Won't) pay Your Price
[edit]Artist nameMotorhead
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Move out it's time for someone else
Quit thinking only of yourself,
You know you're a nasty piece of work,
You know you thought you were a hero but
you're really just a jerk,
On my way, you know I Won't Pay Your Price

Don't stop me dontcha even try,
Gonna stick my finger in your eye,
You don't deserve my admiration,
And I'll sling you out the window
if you give me aggravation,
On my way, you know I Won't Pay Your Price
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I'm tired of listening to crap,
I'd rather stab you in the back,
I'm telling you the only real reason that
you ain't got it is 'cos skunk is outta season,
On my way, you know I Won't Pay Your Price

Shut the door behind you when you go,
Why you're still here I don't really know,
I'm gonna count up to three and if you're still here
I'll get a gun and blow away your knees,
On my way, you know I Won't Pay Your Price
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Lyrics to (i Won't) pay Your Price
by Motorhead

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